1. Hi Nick, just thought I would let you know I found your video on uTube and thought they are great and I am looking forward to sharing your journey with you.

    This is something that my wife, Dawn, and I are looking forward to doing in around 5 years.

    I left the RAF, 2 years ago, but as we are Fostering, this is something we are planning when our current young people that are with us fledge our nest.

    Everything you have mentioned on your videos is something that we are still weighing up the pros and cons, so it will be great to listen to your choices.

    All the best with your plans and I am looking forward to the next instalment.

    Regards Dale


  2. Hi. We have watched your blog on you tube and we are now looking to sell our house to go live on the canals.
    We have done extensive research on toe pros and cons, but have decided we would like to take the same journey.
    We are initially looking to tour the canals for as long as it takes.
    How far have you got in your quest?
    We are looking for a good used boat with all the mod cons.
    Me and the wife plus 2 doge just want to leave city life.
    I want to work on my website with the eventual aim of earning a good income from google revenue which at present is only £600 pa
    What are your thoughts about touring or are you going to just stay in one place?
    I hope to hear from you.
    Thank you.
    Andrew & Jeanette


    1. Thank you for watching, it’s lovely to know that there are so many like minded people out there.
      My plan, when I get there, is to continuously cruise because my time afloat will coincide with my retirement. I’ll have the boat before that so that I can spend some time fitting it out and enjoying holidays and weekends onboard. It’s looking like a build slot for the shell next year with a fit out taking the next two years over weekends. So it’s a long journey.
      At that time I won’t be able to afford to retire completely so will have to find an alternative income.
      At the moment I’m just trying to enjoy the journey, whilst trying not to wish my life away… Needless to say, there is a picture of a canal on my desk at work 🙂


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