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  1. Hi Nick, I think I could join your club!! I have just watched your blogs with a feeling that you must be my double. I retired at 55yrs of age from a highly stressful career in electrical engineering contracting, I am now 62 yrs old and very pleased I made that decision. I love the sea, boats, engines, motorbikes, being myself and off the grid as you do, I have lived most of my life in St. Ives Cornwall, London and now some eight years in Thailand. My wife does share my passion for narrowboats so as of now I can only envy your journey ahead. Given different circumstances my last phase of my life would be spent as you are planning.
    I have been following Zerogravity and for me the route chosen by them I believe is too much work to undertake even for me being highly skilled in many of the construction skills. To buy an empty shell and moor in a marina with the charges incurred and then start to fit out a high spec boat with little to no knowledge is a recipe for disaster. I know they are young and enthusiastic but I hope at the end of it they are still together!! As you are aware cabinet making, carpentry, electrics, plumbing, sanitation install etc,etc is not for the novice and having all this done from the bankside by professional trades will be far more expensive than having it done inhouse at the boatyard.
    I am a bit of a history/traditional freak and adding engines to that, my ideal boat would be a 60ft, trad, boaters cabin, separate engine room with a vintage engine, permanent double bed, lounge with stove, a good galley/dining. Diesel central heating as a back up.
    I have many suggestions and advice but do not wish to make this post a bore so I look forward to watching your journey with interest and maybe post you again as you progress. Dave


  2. Hi Nick, something I forgot to mention regarding engines, I have studied narrowboat engines for sometime and believe that some major thought needs to be applied when choosing one for your boat. Bearing in mind that you have to stand at the back of your boat and listen to it whilst cruising would ensure that I am 100% happy with what I am listening to. You can listen to narrowboat engines on YouTube as I imagine you have done, many engine sounds would have me diving into the canal, sewing machines spring to mind. Listen to a Russell Newbury DM2 or a Gardner 2LW, the sweet, quiet background tick over with the pop pop roof exhaust is the sound I could live with all day. Just a thought, as everyone has there own ideas on this, but this is something you should consider as once installed you have to live with it. Dave


  3. Hello Nick,
    “And a huge thank you goes to ….” your video on youtube …… @6.20 onward ; …. ” Tom Rolt reminds us that there was a quieter world, and I guess that is what I find attractive about canals. He is someone who introduced me to a quieter world, and for that ……. “, then at 6.56 onward, monologue ceases, and canal scenery continues, and you, ‘go back on your statement of quietness’, and Add mood/background ‘noise-music’ to assault the ears. It was such a contrast to the first 6.56 minutes.
    Personally, I find all mood/background music on videos most annoying. Let the video images speak for themselves, with or without recorded natural sound. People are afraid of silence. It is the silent gaps that give sound meaning. Sorry, it’s just grumpy old me hurling sticks and stones, like the gongoozlers of times past sometimes did to the cargo barges.
    The videos you kindly post are you and are yours.
    Perhaps, a suggestion you might consider to take on board. Start a new trend of mood/background music absenteeism on youtube videos ?
    I know that you never have ‘background noise’ when you’re talking which is very much appreciated, but canal scenery speaks for itself and does not need to be dressed up ?
    Grumpy old man spoiling your day ; to always have praise may be counter productive in the long term.

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    1. You haven’t spoiled my day at all… I’m just learning all of this so it’s great to get some constructive criticism. I can say at this time if I’m going to drop the music entirely but I will certainly listen to your advice.
      I hope that you can enjoy future videos as I progress along this learning curve.

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  4. hey there… my names andy.. sorry but am a gay guy, hope this aint an issue,…. been following your u tube vlogs, and your trip to a life on the canals..i i have retired early and also been interested in a life on boats , but not taken the ,jump into the water …will follow u with interest if ok with you .. love to share your dream , and reality.. may be i will follow and also take to boat life in the near future…cheers matey … Andy …ps love the choice of music to your vlogs


    1. Not sure why I’d have an issue with you being gay.. I guess as a straight guy I don’t have to consider these things. I have many gay friends and I look at them as people, I don’t consider their sexuality, religion, creed or political stance..
      If I you are considering life on the canals, it’s a personal choice, it suits some but not others. I’ve spent lots of time cruising the canal system and for me it’s perfect… But if push came to shove, my advice would be to do it. Whatever you choose, enjoy your life journey. Thanks for joining me on my journey, hope the videos are enjoyable


  5. Hi,
    Like watching your videos, as you are quite different than most. I’m originally from the Oxford area and still have lots of family that live are there abouts. I have lived in US for many years now, around San Antonio, Texas. Last time I was in the U.K. Was 2014. Love your dry whit, it reminds me very much of my Uncles past and still present. Keep the videos coming, I would actually be very interested in a video about how you actually do your videos, they have of course got better and better, but am interested in your process of how you evolved in that craft.


  6. Hello Nick,
    sorry to hear about your health problems in your latest video. Have you explored alternative health options ? I would like to suggest that you check out the youtube videos by : John Bergman.
    You’re half way there by eliminating certain foods from your diet and doing regular gentle exercise to stimulate the lymph and blood circulation. Our blood maintains our joints ; so bad blood means poor joint health. Do not be alarmed, joints do repair themselves and surgery is not required. They are readily fixed by proper diet and appropriate exercise, as you are now finding out.
    The old adage of ” you are what you eat ” is only part of the picture ; it should be ” you are what you absorb “. Gluten containing foods give you the “wheat belly”, hinders the digestive process and starts a host of other issues.
    Please watch the health videos by John Bergman ; his advice will change your life for the better, even if you only take on part of it.
    Even try watching the youtube videos by : Glutenology.
    Explore the importance of stomach acid as we age and avoid mixing protein with starchy carbohydrates. Sorry, I seem to be preaching again.
    I had neck bone issues and modern medicine did not work for me, but I found that if I made a drink of black treacle (Tate & Lyle £1.15 a tin) in warm water, initially two to three times a day, my condition virtually went away after two weeks. Now very occasionally l take top up drinks to keep me pain free and totally flexible and mobile. Dip a teaspoon in the can, remove the spoon by slowly twirling/rotating to break off the treacle threads ; picks up about 15mls of the black stuff.
    Finally, yes finally you sigh. Have you considered that buying a partially fitted out boat may be an unwise option due to ongoing health problems ?
    A fully fitted quality used boat will give you instant access to the canals as perhaps your future health may severely limit your present plans.
    Old age only brings physical death, not poor health. Listen to Bergman.
    Thanks for your videos on Youtube, I enjoy following your journey ; best of luck for the present and future.


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